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Our style is Pure, Natural and Relaxed.  We pride ourselves on producing photographs that will last the test of time.

The Session

Newborn images are best taken in the first 5-14 days after birth.  This is when you will get the best images, the poses and facial expressions are unique at that stage and should be captured to be remembered. Babies at this stage are still very flexible and like to be in ‘curled up’ poses similar to when they were in the womb.


The studio is based close to North Sydney and has easy and free on site parking.  Your session will be relaxed and unhurried.


There are no hidden extras with Chapter One Photography Newborn packages - you can view the price here:


We have a large, comfortable 2 room studio with lots of beautiful light and many props.  You can see the studio photographs and video here

PLEASE contact us before giving birth if possible to ensure that we can fit you in.

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Vic FB-1
Sleeping newborn
newborn boy North Sydney
newborn Boy Photography
newborn girl in egg wrap
newborn and flowers
pink fur newborn girl
newborn foggy pose
Newborn boy baby in blue
newborn baby boy on back
newborn girl in pink wrap
Sleepy time newborn photography
Newborn photography girl on lace
Sleeping newborn boy Sydney photogra
newborn girl asleep newphoto session
newborn photography baby with purple
newborn photography safe posing
Gideon IG-1
Newborn Baby Boy in white
Newborn baby boy in a teddy hat
11 days old newborn boy in a blue wr
Boy Baby Newborn in blue cocoon
Newborn Girl in fur in North Sydney
Newborn boy in crate with blue
Baby Girl Newborn in white crate
Newborn Photography girl in pink
Newborn photography with blue wrap
Curled up newborn baby
Baby boy in egg pose white wrap
Tummy time baby boy
baby girl in pink newborn photograph
Newborn boy in chunky blanket
Baby Boy Newborn with teddy
Baby Boy Newborn in grey fur
newborn Girl in heart of flowers
Sleepy boy in newborn studio
Newborn girl with rabbit hat
Baby Newborn with dark blue wrap
Gideon FB-2
newborn boy 2 weeks old on his back
Awake newborn girl
Newborn girl in sac pose wrapped
newborn baby in bonnet
3 month old girl eyes open
Sleeping newborn with hands up
newborn girl with eyes open in pink
Newborn girl with bow headband
Newborn boy in leaves and feathers
newborn boy and brother in studio
newborn girl wearing headband
professional Newborn Portrait Boy
Newborn sleepy girl with wrap
Identical boy newborns cuddling
newborn with teddy
Newborn girl looking at camera
6 days  Newborn Photography sister
Father - Son newborn photography
with his eyes open
Newborn Photo with dad and tattoo
3 month girl baby Photography Sydney
One Year old Boy
Newborn boy in white wrap in Sydney
Twin girls laying together
boy newborn asleep in Sydney studio
Newborn baby boy with older sister
Newborn boy in parent hands
parents looking at newborn boy
Baby boy held in hands on black
newborn girl with daisy headband
Newborn girl in pink fluffy hat
Newborn blonde baby in blue
Newborn girl and sister in studio
Newborn girl wrapped in pink
Newborn girl asleep on pink blanket
Newborn Boy Baby in white
Newborn boy in bed with bonnet
Newborn Boy in froggy pose
newborn photography parents hands
Newborn boy photograph in blue hat
Newborn girl with headband
Newborn Boy Baby and Mum
Newborn premmie baby in white bonnet
Newborn girl on suitcases
Newborn girl in tutu and crown
Newborn girl in pink beanie
newborn twin girls with animal hats
Newborn girl in taco pose
6 month girl with beautiful eyes
baby girl girl wearing crown
Sydney Newborn boy in pale blue wrap
baby prem girl with headband
One of twin baby girls and jacaranda
Newborn baby boy laying on Dad's arm
Newborn boy asleep on his side
Nose to nose Dad with newborn
Newborn girl wrapped in pink
Twin boy and girl with teddies
Baby girl looks over Mum's shoulder
macro shot of newborn baby's face
Dad holding his newborn boy