Newborn Baby Portrait
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Newborn images are best taken in the first 5-14 days after birth.  This is when you will get the best images at the least disruption to your new baby.  The poses and facial expressions are unique at that stage and should be captured to be remembered. Babies in the first two weeks are still very flexible and like to be in ‘curled up’ poses similar to when they were in the womb.


Before the session

Baby needs to be well rested before the session, I will work with you to fit into his / her sleeping schedule as best we can.  Baby needs to have a good long  feed just before the session so that he / she is very sleepy and relaxed – this is essential to create some beautiful newborn poses.


About the session

It is best to allow for plenty of time for the session which allows for feeding and cuddling breaks as necessary.  Each session will generally take between 2-4 hours. I am happy for you to bring your own props or use mine, and for you to have an input into the styling of the session if you would like. Mostly the photographs would have the baby without clothes or covered in a wrap as these provide more ‘timeless’ images.


Not all babies are the same, some just aren’t in the mood to sleep or are a bit cranky.  That is fine, I can work with whatever mood presents itself, you will be amazed at some of my soothing techniques!


Most mothers and fathers find the sessions fun and relaxing, a moment to put your feet up and just look in wonder at the beautiful being you have created.



My studio is based close to North Sydney and has easy and free on site parking.  Your session will be relaxed and unhurried.



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