Olivia / 10 day old

What would you choose as a new baby present: a cleaner or a photography package?

It was a no brainer for this beautiful mum, she had her heart set on a Chapter One Photography session and didn't waiver when offered the choice. That is my kind of customer!

Baby Olivia behaved perfectly for us as well so now they have the perfect gallery of photographs to remember her earliest days.

Big sister Isabella came along as well and was so beautifully behaved for a two year old - she even got to hold Olivia and did a perfect job. What a responsible big sister.

* Of course the house will always get untidy again but you will never get those early newborn days back!

10 days old baby girl

10 days old baby girl in pink

Newborn baby girl and sister

10 days old baby girl with mum

10 days old baby girl and parents