Samantha / 11 days old

Aww isn't she sweet? Meet lovely Samantha just 11 days old and another delight.

I am just loving my recent relaxed babies, whaat a pleasure to photograph

Baby Samantha was accompanied but her lovely family including big sister who just loved showing off her new baby.

Big congratulations to Samantha's parents and beautiful big sister Nicole.

I look forward to watching her grow through her milestone sessions this year.

Thanks for choosing Chapter One Photography.

Sleeping newborn girl in basket with pink headband

newborn with glamorous mum and 4 year old big sister

Newborn girl asleep with lilac wrap

Newborn girl with big sister in cream

Newborns images are best taken before babies are two weeks old . We suggest that you schedule your photography session as early as possible and before baby is born. To enquire about booking a photography session with Chapter One Photography please click here