Little Boy Blue

Where have all the girls gone in Sydney!? Not sure if we are currently having an excess amount of boys being born here in Sydney but my last few sessions have all been beautiful, bouncing boys! Now I love both boys and girls equally (I have one of each myself!) but I am missing doing some of the more girly bonnets / headbands styles.

Anyway, meet my latest client, baby George, born with beautiful long eyelashes and a contented demenour, he was a treat the whole session. Just divine!

If you are after a newborn photography session for your Sydney baby please contact me as soon as possible as these sessions should be done in the first two weeks of birth. If I have your booking I will keep a spot open for your due date and we can find a suitable time when you and your baby have settled in within the first two weeks. I do a limited number of newborn shoots per week so it is essential I know your due date so I can keep a session for you. Not sure you will be up to it in 2 weeks ? Have a chat with me and I will explain how easy and relaxing it is for you and how the scheduling works. There is a lot to juggle in those first few weeks, I know, but the newborn 'newness' disappears very quickly - our images will help you "to never forget".