Safe Photography for newborns

Safe poses newborn.jpg
Fun fact!

Did you know that a newborn baby's head is about one quarter of their total body length whereas a full grown adult's head is only about one seventh the size.

the newborns head also holds 25% of their total body weight (versus 10% for a full grown adult).

What this means when you are photographing your newborn:

Never leave a baby to support its own head while you step back and take a photo. The images that you see done in this way professionally are done using a safe technique called compositing where someone has their hands on the baby at all times. It can be a sweet pose but needs to be done very carefully.

If you would like to book a newborn session for your baby, we have a studio in North Sydney, NSW. Please contact us t make an appointment - we would encourage you to do so prior to birth as we book out. We have limited sessions left for Jan and Feb 2015