So, it turns out I am not a great blogger! I have great intentions but life just gets in the way. The problem with being a photographer is that there is just too much to do, oviously the shooting is number one but an awful lot of my time is spent in editing so that you can see your precious babe in their full glory. In addition a lot of my clients order prints, where it would be lovely to just pop the images on a USB stick and head out to the nearest photo shop that isnt the way it works. For a start there is a lot of science behind the art of printing, my computer needs to be regularly calibrated so that what I see on my screen is what will print. In addition the pro print shops may require the file to be sent in a different format and colour space. The variation of print between a pro printer such as I would use and an everyday print kiosk such as you would find in K-Mart or Office works is enormous. The same image from such places and the pro printers has enormous variation mosstly in colour and contrast and what is a lovely shot of screen comes out hard and discoloured if the printer is not set properly.

So please, if you want a beautiful print on the wall go through me, or at least research thoroughly your options so that you end up with a beautiful piece of art.

Rant over!