Maternity Shoot

Last week I did a maternity shoot for a lady who was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant, I was concerned it would turn into a birth shoot as well! Luckily she lasted the distance and didn't have to rush to the hospital mid shoot. Today's mum-to-be was not so close to her due date at 34 weeks which is a more common time to do the maternity photoshoot because sometimes those little babies do come unexpectedly a few weeks early!

I like 30-34 weeks as there is that lovely glow and the mum's aren't yet completely exhaused. A maternity session takes about one hour and is a chance to do a bit of pamering prior to the session - make yourself up, maybe get your nails done, and then be photographed. I am regularly told how enjoyable the session is as well.

Here is this week's beautiful mum-to-be, looking just georgoeus in one of our maternrity dresses.

If you would like a maternity session contact me for details. Most of my clients take my bumps to baby package as it is the most economic option. Email: for more details.

Maternity Photography Sydney