Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photos.jpg

Maternity sessions are a favourite of mine as it is so nice to get to know parents before the birth of their baby so when they come in for the newborn shoot they already know who I am and how I work. There are a couple of shots I always take as most clients request them (silhouette and high key) but I like to play a bit using my maternity gowns and items as well. In addition I am a big fan of caapturing maternity in everyday clothes as they show how relaxed and happy Mum to be is at that moment.

I encourage shoots to take place between 34-36 weeks but will do them as late as you like, I regularly have clients calling in the week prior to their due date saying they have changed their mind and would like to capture their pregnancy before it is too late! I do also offer a very economic maternity & newborn package so it is well worth looking into.

If you would like more information please feel free to call or email me for more information.