Twins Cake Smash

So people often ask me about cake smash sessions - they are relatively new in Australia. Basically I tell them you sit a one year old in front of a large cake and see what happens! Mostly the response is "that has to be messy!" One thing I can say for certainty is that cake smash sessions are best done at someone else's house and then you dont have to clean up!

So now you have the picture, one cake one 1 year old.....lets take that up a notch and add twins in my studio.....double the fun they say!

Loved doing this full milestone, cake smash and splash session with the lovely Ruby and Emmeline.

Bath Splash session Sydney

Cake Smash Photography Sydney

one year portraits Sydney

If you are interested in a cake smash session for your little one's first birthday contact me for more details. My studio is in North Sydney with free on site parking. I supply everything except the cakes (health and safety requirements mean you need to provide your own) and I clean up the mess afterwards!

I suggest you schedule your session to take place at 11 months so there is time to have photos and books etc printed ready for the big party.

I also have healthy, fun alternatives to a cake!

Bookings can be made by contacting