Cedric, 12 days old

Some of my clients are required to spend the first month in confinement which makes a studio session a bit difficult. I offer a few options to overcome the issues including a shoot in your own home. (There are many advantages of a studio shoot and most of all it means you don't have to tidy up for my arrival!)

This family were already experienced parents with a lovely big sister for baby Cedric and she posed with her newborn brother like an absolute pro. Baby Cedric allowed me to get a few sleeping shots but he was rather interested in what I was doing in his lounge room. I am happy with that, I love to fill a gallery of beautiful newborn images with sleeping shots as well as a few wide eyed ones.

Cedric was 12 days old for his home shoot. If you are interested in the options of having a photo shoot during your home confinement please contact me to discuss prior to expected birth. For a normal session held in my Waverton Newborn Photography Studio please email me for more information. Newborn bookings should be made in advance of birth to ensure availability, dates can be rearranged once you have a booking to account for early or late appearances. Note newborns should be photographed in the first 2 weeks to capture their unique newness.