When to do a newborn shoot

I often get told by some of my cake smash clients that they were really sad not to have had newborn photographs done when their baby was first born because they didn't realise they needed to be taken in the first two weeks of birth. When they finally got around to organising it all the photographers said that it was too late.

If you are reading this and you are pregnant or your baby has just been born definitely get your session booked for before baby is 2 weeks old.

If you are reading this and your baby is older than than two weeks you can absolutely still get beautiful photos done - you may just need to search for a photographer (like me!) who will do it. Here's the thing - babies are more curly and sleepy in the first 2 weeks. They are also at their tiniest. Those factors make it much better to do the session in the first two weeks and generally result in beautiful relaxed curly poses photographed with the least amount of disruption for your new little baby.

After two weeks old baby may be more alert and have their eyes open for the session. This can look cute but under a month old their focussing is very weak and can result in a slightly glassy or cross eyed look (still cute though!).

I have also done babies up to 5 1/2 weeks who have slept though most of the session and posed exactly like a newborn. I have done 4 week old babies who would not bend or relax or sleep but who were able to be beautifully captured with a steadfast gaze into their parent's eyes.

Last week I photographed a little girl who was 4 months old and had been too sick when born to do a newborn shoot. At four months she was full of smiles and I created photos that will be forever treasured. At the end of the session that gorgeous girl fell asleep and, guess what, I laid her down in a basket and captured for her mother a shot equally peaceful than any 10 day old newborn. There was definitely a tear in her mother's eye!

Photographs make memories live a lot longer. That's why I do what I do - so you never forget. 1 week, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 8 months - the age doesn't matter. What matter sis that you have some photographs to treasure.

Book your 'newborn' session now - it's never too late. You can email me for the next available session here: enquirieschapterone@gmail.com

This gallery of images contains photos of newborns who were all older than 2 weeks.