13 day old boy

I was thrilled to welcome baby Declan and family to my newborn studio recently. Declan, like many of my babies, was a referral. I have photographed both of his cousins and so I much enjoyed meeting more members of this lovely family.

We generally recommend photographing babies for their newborn portraits before they are 2 weeks old. The reasons are many - firstly baby is just so much more aware after 2 weeks, they have got used to living outside the squishy environment of pre birth and so they are less flexible and "curly", their skin tends to be good as baby acne stage (yep sorry that is a thing!) can set in after 2 weeks.

Normally the baby just sleeps fairly contentedly through the session waking only for the odd feed. Baby Declan however was ahead of his time and decided that my studio was much more interesting than sleeping! It made photographing him not so easy but on the plus side he rewarded me with some lovely intense gazes, and one of my favourite ever images of him smiling up at his devoted parents.

If possible book your newborn session in your 3rd trimester. I will hold a spot for you and then we adjust once baby has been born. I only take a fixed number of babies each week to allow for flexibility so book a session to avoid disappointment (and the stress of desperately trying to find someone in the days after birth).