Arlia, 3 week old baby girl

Welcome to the world gorgeous Arlia. At 21 days new she rocked her session and had us all doting on her. Just look at those beautiful big eyes - that was one wide awake baby but eventually she grew bored of me and fell into a lovely deep sleep!

Many people will tell you the best time to photograph a newborn is in the first 2 weeks so technically Arlia was "too old", I don't necessary agree and take babies of all ages. The issue with babies older than 2 weeks is that they aren't as flexible and tend not to be able to curl their little legs up as easily as during the first few days. Also they are nosey little things after 2 weeks - once they enter a new location they don't want to miss anything so its a lot harder to get them to sleep for their session. As a consequence more poses need to be wrapped instead of naked and awake instead of asleep. Generally I am for a little bit of both starting the session with an awake baby and then hopefully lulling them to sleep over the course of the session as we did with the gorgeous Arlia.

I suggest booking your baby in during the last trimester but if you haven't done that it is never too late!

Call us now though to get a booking asap.

"Potato Sack" pose, newborn photography Sydney

​ ​​  ​3 week old newborn photography Sydney