10 week old baby Boy - North Sydney Newborn Photography

Most photographers suggest newborns need to be less than 2 weeks old before doing their newborn photo shoot. The reason for this is that babies are still very flexible at that stage having only just emerged from cramped conditions in their mum's tummy! I don't believe that photos can only be taken before 2 weeks old and do them up until 2 - 3 months, but it does certainly take a little more patience and skill the older the baby. To prove my point meet 10 week old Tobias who was perfect for his session.

Obviously babies are also more awake and aware over two weeks old so the images are not always of sleepy baby but who doesn't love a wide eyed innocent baby photograph?

Tobias and family are North Sydney locals and came to my studio in Waverton a short walk from their home.

If you are looking for timeless, natural and relaxed baby photography please call or email me for a session, if possible book before baby has been born but if you just don't manage that hive me a call as there is often some availability as babies have a tendency to not arrive on schedule which can result in last minute shifting of sessions!