Chloe, 8 weeks / North Sydney Newborn Photography

It's Melbourne Cup Day here is Australia, for the uninitiated its all about a horse race "that stops a Nation". The media and corporate Australia tend to be a bit obsessed with it but for those of us who work alone it tends to be just another day!

So for those of you who want to read about something other than the Melbourne Cup! I introduce the lovely Chloe, 8 weeks old and just devine, the most perfect, placid baby you could hope to have in the studio!

Sometimes you just don't get around to booking those newborn shots in the first 2 weeks!

Parents it was lovely to have you in my studio and thank you for bringing your gorgeous daughter.

I generally recommend having your newborn photographs taken in the first two weeks - there are good reasons for doing so:

- Baby will tend to sleep through the whole session. This is therefore the least disruptive for them.

- The session will be shorter (because baby sleeps deeply throughout the session).

- It's probably the most relaxing few hours you will have in that first two weeks! I am used to handling babies and can recognise their signals, parents get to relax on the couch and either watch or sleep!

- Many mums are reluctant to have their photo taken so soon after birth but I promise I will make you look good. Professional photographers know poses and lighting that are flattering and we never photograph your tummy!

My favourite age is 5 days - we recommend booking before birth - we will adjust the appointment to suit the actual birth date.

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