Twin Girls Newborn Photography

Introducing these two beautiful girls to the world 12 day old twins Alexia and Simone.

These little girls are very unusual for twins as one looks just like her Dutch pale skinned dad and the other is a little mini of her Philipino Mum. You don't often meet twins with different skin colours. They are going to grow up having to convince people that they really are twins!

This mum and dad are extraordinary and full of energy - babies were born 4 weeks premature but they were out of hospital with both girls within a week. The girls were just perfect for their session and tiny.

Book your session as soon as you can, I often have to turn people away because they have waited until baby has been born. I am very flexible and we will move the date but you do need to have a booking to guarantee a spot.

Newborn Twin Girls with different skin colour

newborn twin photography

newborn twin photography

North Sydney Newborn Twin Photography