North Sydney Newborn Photography / Ojas 15 days

I was a little nervous when meeting this gorgeous boy for the first time and being told his name meant "bountiful energy". What you want most in a newborn session is bountiful calm to capture a wide range of images and poses.

Ojas (Mr Bountiful Energy) was however the most perfect, contented and easy baby.

The very lovely Ojas was 15 days old for his shoot slightly older than recommended as we had to move his session for health reasons. Isn't he just adorable.

If you would like some lovely natural, relaxed newborn photographs contact us now for more information.

Newborn boy asleep in bed with white cover

Newborn boy on his tummy with light blue wrap

Newborn boy hands under cheek

Newborn boy in white egg wrap laying on his back asleep

Chapter One Photography specialises in newborn photography. Newborns images are best taken before babies are two weeks old . I suggest that you schedule your newborn session as early as possible and preferably in your second trimester. We are already taking bookings for October 2018. To enquire about booking a Sydney newborn photography session with Chapter One Photography please click here