Angele / 36 weeks

So lovely to welcome this family back to the Chapter One Photography studio having photographed their first maternity session at the beginning of 2017. Now we eagerly anticipate the birth of their little girl.

Angele looked as radiant as ever, she has the very best hair and is a delight to the camera. Young Arie has grown into a gorgeous toddler who was less than interested in being photographed and much more interested in my ready supply of balloons. He was adorably walking around saying my name and "balloon" and "snack" - both of which were way more interesting to him than me.

3 years ago Arie's maternity shoot was a lovely relaxed affair, this time there was little rest, lots of cajoling and much wrangling of 19 month old Arie to achieve those beautiful toddler maternity photographs that mum had her heart set on.

Looking forward to this baby's newborn shoot and seeing Arie with his new baby sister - think we will stock up on balloons and snacks to hold his interest!

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