Noah – 8 days

Ah what a beautiful pair of brothers I have for you today. 8 day old newborn Noah and his 3 year old brother Teo.

Teo was so well behaved and obedient and was rightfully rewarded with a treat for being sooo good.

Gorgeous Noah needed a bit of persuasion to have a sleep on my special bed so we could get some lovely relaxing shots but perseverance was rewarded!

So happy to have this delightful family in the studio and to be able to capture some memories of Noah in his earliest days for them.

Please book your newborn session in before baby is born, we are pretty flexible in moving dates as needed but last minute sessions are hard to co-ordinate.

newborn photography session

Newborn boy 8 days Sydney

Newborn in mum's hands

Sibling brothers at a newborn session