Digital Mothers Day Present - the perfect gift for mums and grandmothers

At Chapter One we know how hard it is to shop for Mother's Day gifts when you have full access to the shops. Whilst being isolated and often distant from our mothers it is even harder!

We do have a solution for you this year, a digital jigsaw puzzle of your favourite Chapter One Photography photo. Affordable, fun and personal - aren't they the perfect attributes this year?

Here's one you can have a play with - this puzzle is set as 'easy' with 40 pieces but note I can make it easier or harder for your recipient.

Click on the image below to go to the 40 piece example puzzle

40 piece custom puzzle

This is what the puzzle looks like, there is a button on the bottom left of the link with the pieces which allows you to toggle between the picture and the pieces.

So this makes a great present for mothers and grandmothers. Add to the fun by having children doing it together with grand ma over the internet!

This is what an easy 12 piece one looks like:

And for super mums here what a 300 piece one looks like:

Jigsaw puzzles are fun to do,

even more so when the photo is of you!

Contact us now to arrange your digital puzzle - please don't leave it to the day before Mother's day, we expect this to be popular!

You will be sent a tailor made digital Mother's day card with a link to the puzzle which you can share with other people if you like. You can choose one photo for the puzzle and a different photo for the card, the only requirements are that both photos need to be from Chapter One Photography sessions. You can also add your own personalised message if you would like.