Covid Policy and Covid Safe sessions

It has been a long few weeks but finally the Government has cleared us to be able to do "Covid Safe" sessions. What does that mean? Well, let me explain...... Firstly we can do all photography if we can maintain the 1.5m distancing rule. For Maternity and Milk Baths portraits that is fine and so we are back doing all of those sessions. We are also, with a few modifications, able to do Cake Smash sessions - so all our little one year olds can have their cake and eat it too!

Our newborn sessions are probably the hardest hit as the distancing rule makes it impossible to carry out the type of newborn photography we specialise in and which our clients book us for. So we have had to make changes and I will get to those in a minute.

But firstly lets discuss what we are doing overall and let me assure our valued customers, we will continue to make informed decisions in line with advice from NSW and the Australian Government Departments of Health as well as the regulations for NSW Small Business as relates to Coronavirus (COVID-19). As ever our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our little customers, their family and the people within Chapter One Photography.

For your own peace of mind please note we have now implemented the following:

- The studio is only taking one child every 48 hours in order to minimise cross transmission and to provide thorough cleaning of the studio and the items used in sessions.

- We have always cleaned thoroughly after each session and will continue to disinfect all surfaces and wash all items used by clients as well wiping down all the photographic equipment.

- All shoes will need to be removed and left at the front door.

- Clients will be required to use the hand sanitiser on entry into the studio and the photographer will also apply it at that point and , as usual, throughout the session

- We are not permitting anyone who is sick or has been overseas recently to enter. If this is a cause to reschedule you will not lose your deposit

- All sessions are limited to Immediate family only, for any non family shoots (eg a 6 month baby only session) we request just one adult to attend with baby.

- Our small studio space allows for a maximum of 3 adults including the photographer, our larger space allows for 6 adults including the photographer on the basis f the 4m2 rule.

- It is suggested that clients provide their own towels for after the bath part of a cake smash or a milk bath session. Obviously this is not essential, the studio has a dedicated supply that are clean and fresh for each session but you may prefer to bring your own.

- Our photographers have had the flu vaccination for this year

- Chapter One Photography has the Covid Safe tracking app and the government covid certification for businesses. We encourage clients to download the Covid safe app too for accurate contact tracing.

- The photographer will not be wearing a mask as it tends to be scary for babies. If you would like to specifically request we use one please give us 24 hours notice.

Please also note that we have little control over the regulations and requirements of small businesses and they are subject to change with little notice. At this stage we are hopeful that all changes will be of a more lenient nature to allow us to continue to provide beautiful memories for our you never forget.

Newborn Covid Safe sessions - we are able to provide a modified newborn session for all the newborns being born during this stage. Please contact us for the details of the 'minimum contact sessions' we are able to now offer.

newborn photography covid safe sessions Sydney

We are so looking forward to seeing all our clients back in the studio now. If yo are considering booking a session please be in contact at the earliest opportunity as our capacity is lower than normal due to some of the new studios safety measures being implemented.