How Much Does a Newborn Photographer Cost in Sydney?

When it comes to newborn photography, one of the first questions parents ask is the cost. And that’s perfectly understandable. With the many expenses that come along with having a child, adding the services of a newborn professional photographer may be a bit much - or is it?

Of course, every new parent wants to have their new bundle of joy photographed by a professional. Aside from being inspired by the other beautiful photos of babies on the internet, they also want to preserve that sweet and precious moment with their child. If you are one of these parents and would want to know the cost of hiring a professional photographer, here’s an article for you.

Average Cost of a Newborn Photography in Sydney

According to snappr, the average price for an hour of a photoshoot in Sydney is approximately $336, $537 for 2 hours, and $940 for four hours. It also noted that the prices in Sydney for newborn photography is 12% higher than the national average in Australia.

Now, newborn photography prices can vary greatly, depending on the photographer and several factors. Also, most newborn photographers do not charge per hour but in packages. Let’s get into these in detail below.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Newborn Photography in Sydney

1. Session Fees

Most photographers today charge their clients a session fee or an upfront payment to secure a schedule. This includes their talent fee and time spent in capturing your little one’s priceless photos.

This can cost you around $100 to $250. At the low end, you may find starting photographers who charge only $50. However, if you want to ensure your child’s safety, do steer away from inexperienced and untrained individuals to handle your baby.

2. Products

Aside from the session fee, you are going to be charged for a photographer’s products or image package fee. This includes print and digital copies. Naturally, the more images you want to buy, the more expensive the package gets. Products or image package fees can start from $450 to $3000 for high-end photographers.

So when added with the sessions fees, you can expect to pay somewhere around $550 to $3250. It’s safe to say that photography prices in Sydney vary depending on the company and your chosen package.

3. Package Inclusions

Not all photographers will charge you separately. Many photographers still offer packages that already include their services and products. However, make sure to ask or research a package before scheduling a newborn photo session.

For the price, a newborn photography package can cost around $399 to $1250. The reason for such a huge difference in price is due to the package inclusions. For example, the $399 includes 1 hour of the photo session, online slideshow, and 30-50 high-resolution digital photos. On the other hand, the $1250 package includes more than 25 digital images, linen photo box set with professionally printed photos, linen photo album, online gallery, use of props, and inclusion of sibling or family images.

Here at Chapter One Photography, our newborn photography session costs around $699 to $899. This includes digital files, sessions with the family, and use of props, outfits, hats, and headbands. We also have a range of print and products available.

4. Experience

A photographer’s experience is a big factor that affects the price he/she offers. Of course, the more experienced photographers have, the higher they will charge. This isn’t just because experience comes with knowledge and skills or that they have already built a name and reputation for themselves. Instead, photographers will charge more because of the quality of work and results they can provide.

If you are working with an experienced photographer, expect to pay more. While you can always hire a hobbyist photographer or an individual who’s just starting - which costs just around $100 for an hour - this is not recommended since this is your newborn we are talking about.

5. Training

Handling a baby and putting them into certain positions requires professional training. Aside from that, a trained newborn photographer can also help you keep your baby content and happy during the entire session. Part of their training is also about first aid. Thus, if you want to ensure your child’s safety, make sure to only work with trained newborn photographers.

The fee professional photographers pay for newborn training workshops and specialist courses can start at $1500 per course/workshop. And seasoned photographers will take more than one training annually. So expect this factor to reflect in the price they charge.

A child’s newborn photos are an investment. These are photos that freeze time, giving you a memory of what your child looked like. These are photos that you can look back on years from now. And these are the photos that can capture what was, so you never forget!

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