5 Reasons Why Every Expectant Mum Should Do A Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey. What’s a better way to capture the uniqueness of

your journey other than doing a maternity photoshoot?

Many pregnant women aren’t feeling their best due to hormonal movement, swollen ankles,

tiger stripes, etc. For this reason, they may hesitate about being photographed. But

pregnancy is actually one of the things that showcase life, joy, fatigue, excitement, pain, and

honour. It’s only important to work with an experienced maternity photographer who would

let you be yourself.

Here are the reasons why you will never regret documenting this journey:

1. It’s All About You

The focus of the photoshoot is you. You get to decide whether to wear a maternity dress or

display the bump. Remember that you’re most beautiful when you’re being natural and

having fun.

It’s also a chance to channel your creativity. Draw inspiration from the internet or magazines.

Let us know your vision, and we’ll guide you based on these ideas. We’ll capture the “wow

factor” in any pose.

Here are more tips on how to maintain confidence during pregnancy.

2. You’ll Be Surprised of How Beautiful You Are

A lot of people might have already complimented your pregnancy glow, but you still don’t feel


If you think about it, all these cankles, bloating, and rollercoaster appetite are just little details

to one beautiful truth---that you’re growing a baby!

Pampering yourself and dressing up may be just what you need to restore that confidence. It

doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to pose! As long as a professional maternity

photographer handles the lenses, your beauty will be highlighted.

3. Show as Much or As Little as You Want

“A photography studio specialised in maternity portraits has various light modifiers. These

pieces of equipment allow them to accentuate specific areas or limit the view.”, says Karina

Wolfin, an equipment specialist at Direct Appliance Rentals.

While many expectant women are comfortable with showing pregnancy-induced changes in

their body, others are more conservative. There is nothing wrong with either.

A popular trend in maternity photo sessions these days is using flowing fabrics to cover

specific areas artistically. A professional maternity photographer will understand your goals

and level of comfort.

4. Lovely Look Back

One minute your baby is peacefully curled on your chest; the next minute, you’re arguing

with a toddler.

Time flies so fast, and you’ll want to look back to the days when your child was inside your

tummy. Your maternity photos will serve as beautiful reminders that your children will also

enjoy viewing. They’ll surely be amazed by the bump and the fact that they were inside it!

5. Strengthens Bond Between Family Members

Involving the father in the maternity shoot is one way to help him build a relationship with

your c hild while he/she is in the uterus. It’s also a chance to spend quality time together as a


A maternity photoshoot also captures the changing dynamics, you as a couple turning into a

family or adding a new member.

As well we love to include older siblings in the sessions, how lovely for them to be part of the story of their new baby brother or sister.

Ready to book a maternity photoshoot in Sydney? Contact Chapter One Photography now!

We have a private studio that is fully equipped with lighting and photography equipment. We

have a range of clothes and props but you are welcome to personalise your session by

bringing anything of your own such as ultrasounds, clothes, cultural items such as saris etc