Alara - 7 months old

This was supposed to be a late newborn session back when Alara was 8 weeks old (with three children under 5 in a household it's hard to do things on time)! However the Covid lockdown meant than instead of being 2 months old Alara was 7 months before we could finally fit her and her siblings in for photographs.

We call this aged baby a 'sitter' and such sessions are generally adorable. Babies at that age can do several things really well - smile a big gummy sweet grin, sit unaided and, most importantly, not be able to move from that sitting position. All of which results in beautiful photographs of a happy, wide eyed, smiling baby. Of course if we add in two siblings aged 2 and 4 the session isn't quiet as peaceful but Alara's siblings are both past newborn clients of Chapter One Photography so it was delightful to see them both again.

We sang, danced, negotiated and bribed our way through the session all the while Alara calmly sat and smiled despite the chaos around her. Such a sweet natured and calm little girl, I can wait to see her again!