Annika - 11 weeks old

We always recommend newborn sessions before two weeks old for several reasons:

  1. It is the least disrupting for the baby, he/she will pretty much sleep through the session and so it is very peaceful and doesn't affect their schedules.

  2. Babies can not focus for the first few weeks so if their eyes are open they tend to be a bit cross eyed and so timing for the first few weeks avoid that problem. We usually get a mixture of eyes open and sleeping, we try and time the parent shots for awake time to get some eye to eye contact.

  3. After two weeks babies get very alert and nosey. It is hard to believe when looking at your tiny newborn but before you know it he/she will be desperate to see what is happening the whole time!

  4. Babies fidget and fuss after the first few weeks, they tend to wave their hands in their faces, put their fists in their mouths and can not control their head. As a result it is really difficult to take flattering images under such conditions.

  5. Between 3-5 weeks they tend to be hungry constantly so it is hard to settle them to take photographs if they keep wanting to be fed.

So as a result of the lockdown we have had a lot of babies who were booked in for the first few weeks but had to wait until we were all able to leave our homes.

Here is the very lovely Annika - 11 weeks old. So very cute but so hard to get her and keep her in the correct, flattering position. She is pretty cute though - isn't she?

So grateful that this lovely family kept their booking. It was lovely to see them again - we did big sister, Sphia's newborn photos over three years ago.

Would love to take your photographs and provide memories to treasure.

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