Birthday present ideas for one year olds for all budgets

Are you going to a 1st birthday party or need a present for a special little someone turning one?

It is hard to choose a successful present that will be loved by the baby and parents alike but we have narrowed it down to make it easier for you. These are some present suggestions for you collated from our clients over the years.

A good piece of advice when looking at toys for one year olds is to look ones that are suitable for around 18 months + age bracket. Babies develop so quickly that something aimed slightly older than the current age will get more long term play.

Our favourite idea covering a range of budgetss:

  • Books, books and more books. A perfect present for growing little brains. Hard picture books for now or beautiful bedtime story books, it is never too early to read to little ones. Other specific suggestions: Dr Seuss - any of his will be loved but popular is 'Oh The Places You Will Go', (especially for families that like to travel). My children's favourite when really little was "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney. Otherwise any of the books on this list would be ideal:

  • A variation on the book theme - buy baby a lift the flap book. They are just starting to develop their hand eye coordination and this is a great way for them to practice.

  • Duplo...It's something that doesn't date, can be added to and kids of all ages can play with it.

  • Musical Instruments - A little drum, xylophone ,triangle or bells There are lovely timber ones around that are safe for this age. Just about every one year old baby that visits the Chapter One Photography studio is captivated by different sounding instruments (that's the secret to getting them to look up and smile at me!)

  • Baboushka - Russian stacking dolls

  • Bath toys specifically something the baby can pour water into and turn knobs etc. Always use under parent supervision of course.

  • Good quality hat - surprisingly expensive and constantly getting lost!

  • A toy library subscription for a toy library in their area. Environmentally friendly and the parents will thank you for not bringing more plastic into their house.

  • Blocks - you can never have too many

  • Tea set. The child won't play with it straight away but at around 18 months it will be THE toy. These are not just for girls either, boys love them too.

  • Some people suggest fun things including a box of ping pong balls. I am also a fan of the very big cardboard box, they love to crawl in and out of them - hours of fun.

  • Abacus - large & colourful. Amongst other retailers Ikea stock these.

  • Bubbles or a bubble machine - show me a one year old not entranced by a simple bottle of bubbles.

  • Fisher Price's Little People

  • Grimm's wooden rainbow - it is a popular colourful stacking toy.

  • One year olds LOVE Wiggles characters

  • The Djeco 3 layer puzzles - there are a few different designs. Educational and fun and they grow with the child:

  • Babies love playing with phones so a play phone is fun for them and may stop them playing with mum's phone.

  • Traditional ball, any type - perfect for developing hand eye coordination

  • Boys and girls love toy cars (for babies the big ones made for little hands not matchbox are best), my baby boy used to fall asleep every time clutching a toy car..

  • Money box - it's good to start the saving idea early. You can buy a toy one or use a real one for real coins - just be careful with the real one that the plug doesn't undo as the coins can be a choking hazard.

  • If you are looking for something more helpful and practical then a great gift is labels with baby's name on them. 'Stuck on you' is a reliable brand.

  • A zoo pass is also a great gift at this age, for my locals we are lucky to have taronga zoo nearby. Oh the hours I spent there when the children were small!

  • A special cake cutting knife that can be used as a tradition every year for their birthday cake, you can even engrave it.

  • Swimming lessons, a gift that will last a lifetime.

  • I wanted a present that I could build on over the years and so gave my daughter a silver chain bracelet and then each year I bought her a charm that represented her year. A teddy bear for her 1st birthday, a pram on her second to mark her baby brother entering her life, the Eiffel tower when we went to Paris, a high heel shoe when she was a teenager etc. A lot of fun for me each year. and then on her 21st birthday I gave her the bracelet and charms and a small paragraph with each charm on why it was selected to represent her year.

Our favourite present of course is a gift voucher for our services - most people choose a 1st birthday cake smash session, a baby portrait session or a family photo session:

Hopefully there is something on the list that appeals to you and will suit that special little one year old in your life.