Cherry Blossom time - Milk bath maternity session

Have you noticed that the cherry blossoms are starting to come out now in Sydney? Such a pretty sight, I love the beautiful soft pink colour. We celebrated this pregnancy of this baby, due to be born in cherry blossom time, with a simple and elegant milk bath maternity session. How would this be as a beautiful print on your bedroom door as a memory of those days pre baby?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey. What’s a better way to capture the uniqueness of your journey other than doing a maternity photoshoot? Many pregnant women aren’t feeling their best due to hormonal movement, swollen ankles,

exhaustions, etc. For this reason, they often don't think of being photographed. But pregnancy is actually one of the things that showcase life, joy, fatigue, excitement, pain, and honour. It’s only important to work with an experienced maternity photographer who would let you be yourself. Our milk bath sessions are very low energy and also really great for people who feel awkward in front of the camera (because we are able to hide the awkward parts!).

Did you know we also do many different types of milk bath sessions for mums to be and also for babies? We are the number one photographer for milk bath photography in Australia.

A milk bath breastfeeding session is beautiful and a reminder of how awesome women are at being able to sustain another life.

A mini milk bath baby session for a toddler is an absolute delight. We have a tailor made bath and our little flower or fruit bath session is suitable for any sitting baby aged between 7 months and 2 years.

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