Father's day 2021

In Sydney, and all of NSW, we have spent the last 10 weeks in lockdown. I don't think any of us ever imagined we would spend so long shut off from other people, work, our social lives and even local travel for so long!

It has been a hard few months, especially for those with young children, and today we celebrate all the fathers in the world and the special place they play in the lives of each child. The influence father have on their children's lives is enormous and the love between father and son or father and daughter is very special.

Your children may well have driven you a little bit bonkers once or twice during lockdown, or been noisy during your work zoom calls but look at these gorgeous babies faces as they are held by their dads. We at Chapter One Photography love to capture the special bond between baby and parent. They don't stay little for long!

May all our Chapter One Photography Dads have a very special day today, especially those who are first time Dads. But more than that, today we celebrate all the fathers in the world, all the father figures and want-to-be dads. We thank you for everything you do and for the special place you have in each of our lives.

Happy Father's Day.