Mia / 4 weeks

Another gorgeous girl, Mia, a little older than my normal newborns at 4 weeks old. Mia was so easy to soothe and settle she just needed a pat and her dummy and she was back to sleep in a different position.

Mum also looked amazing and was back at work one month after giving birth. Not sure I had even got out of my pj's a month after baby no. 1!

Dad was reluctant to be photographed but the family photograph is one of my favourites, I bet he loves it too!

Such a sweet little girl, thanks for using Chapter One Photography.

Newborn girl asleep in basket

Newborn family first photographs

Newborn girl yawing

Newborn girl asleep in basket with pink headband

Newborn girl asleep in bucket with chunky pink blanket

Newborn girl asleep in side pose with white wrap

Newborns images are best taken before babies are two weeks old . I suggest that you schedule your session as early as possible and preferably before baby is born. To enquire about booking a photography session with Chapter One Photography please click here