Opposite colours make a statement in milk bath maternity photographs

I'm loving the wattle that is everywhere at the moment. Such a beautiful vibrant colour against our gorgeous Sydney winter skies.

I also love this milk bath colour combination, as a photographer I often turn to the colour wheel for inspiration and here it works perfectly. It explains my love for the wattle/sky combo too!

What are your favourite combinations of colour? Let me know in the comments please.

We don't always post many of our milk bath images as they can be very intimate and our client's privacy is important to us. Milk Baths as maternity photography shoots are an important part of Chapter One Photography's business and an area that we are very specialised in, more so that any other photographer in Australia. We have a dedicated beautiful sunlit bathroom studio which is probably the biggest bathroom you have every seen!

We may be closed at the moment due to the lockdown but we are still booking - it will probably be the only way to get a session for the end of this year. We have a risk free booking system whilst there is still doubt about session dates. Milk baths need to be done around 30 weeks.

Please contact us for more information - we are currently taking November, December and January bookings. Www.chapteronephotography.com.au

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