Planning A Wedding When You Have A Baby Or Toddler

Planning A Wedding When You Have A Baby Or Toddler

Planning your wedding day is an exciting and often overwhelming process. With a baby by your side, both your joy and your challenges are multiplied. Today, we're here to share a few smart tips for mums getting married with a baby or toddler as part of your new little family.

1) Name Your Team of Wedding-Day Guardians

First things first, figure out your childcare team. Just as you ask your girls to be your bridesmaids, also name your team of wedding-day guardians. These are trusted family members and friends who will take turns guiding your toddler through the event and keeping them out of trouble during dancing and play time. Ask your friends to honor you by taking a role just as close to your heart as the wedding party.

2) Choose Comfortable Baby Formal Clothes

If you want a happy baby all day long, or a playful and stress-free toddler - then make sure their formal clothes are comfortable. You might choose a little tux-tee for your baby boy or a soft cotton Easter dress for your little girl instead of wedding-specific baby clothes.

3) Include Plenty of Baby-Friendly Foods and Snacks

Babies and toddlers love to snack from family plates and buffet tables. Make sure the tasty grabbable tidbits are all baby-friendly. Avoid toothpicks and alcoholic treats in favor of handheld pastries and other little snacks that are delicious, relatively tidy, and safe for babies to eat.

4) Ask Your DJ for Kid-Friendly Dancing Set

The songs you play at your reception may become an eternal happy memory for your child. Make sure those lyrics are family-appropriate before bedtime so you baby comes home singing only the most adorable classic dance songs. Lily Road will be happy to talk about playing kid-friendly dance sets, maybe even having a kids-time where we invite the family children to boogie together without adult legs and feet in the way. Then, after the kids go to bed, ask your wedding DJs to kick it up as everyone gets footloose to club hits with racier themes.

5) Design Play and Child Supervision Areas

Don't forget to set up areas where kids can play under supervision. Since you are planning for your toddler, consider setting up a nursery for other mums with babies who are attending the wedding. Create a play area at the reception where little ones can play with one or two guardians and parents enjoy the event without worry. You can even make the whole event more themed toward carnival games and multi-generational fun.