Safety Tips When Photographing a Newborn

Unlike toddlers and adults, newborns are unable to tell us when they feel unwell and what exactly is making them uncomfortable. Even though mum and dad are there to speak on behalf of their baby, it’s still so important to look for a trained newborn photographer who can be trusted to prioritize the safety and comfort of our littlest subjects. You can trust that your newborn is in good hands with Chapter One Photography, who are specialists in the appropriate handling of newborns and have up-to-date vaccinations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our clients. As safety is at the forefront of our business, here are some additional tips for parents to keep in mind while photographing their newborn, because a pretty shot is never worth the danger.

Avoid Overfeeding.

A good, full feed before the session is a must because it makes your baby more sleepy and easier to work with. However, do not overfeed them. Overfeeding can make the baby fussy later in the day, cause gas, and cause them to spit up more than usual. It can also throw off their normal eating pattern and cause more problems down the line. Additionally, giving a breastfed baby a bottle could be a major setback for breastfeeding mums. Please avoid overfeeding just for the sake of a few photos.

Be Mindful Of The Room’s Temperature

Since newborns can’t regulate their temperature as well as older babies, the studio will be quite warm for their comfort. This also helps in getting a good shot, since happy and comfortable babies make the best subjects. But overheating can cause a change in breathing patterns, making it too fast or erratic, and their heart rate can increase as well. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level, and watch your baby closely. Make sure that their breathing is steady and even, and their skin doesn’t feel hot to the touch. Stop shooting immediately the moment you see signs of overheating.

Have An Assistant.

A professional photographer might ask for parents’ assistance during a few poses (like the beautiful froggie pose), but it’s always a good idea to have another set of eyes and hands around to ensure the safety of your baby. This is especially important for poses that aren’t a natural newborn position. So please, parents, ask for assistance if you are photographing your newborn at home. An assistant can help with both spotting and posing. They can also ensure that an extra pair of eyes are on bub if you do need to step away.

Respect The Newborn’s Limits.

Newborns are born with a lot of cartilage, which means that their bodies are bendy and easy to manipulate, making them perfect candidates for those super cute swaddle poses. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be injured by being forced into an over-flexed position. Newborns all have different amounts of flexibility, so if you’re noticing that their body doesn't extend to a certain position or they are showing discomfort, respect their limits and find other poses.

Have The Parents Nearby.

Newborns need to be near their parents, and most especially mum. Taking a newborn away from the presence of their parents can set back breastfeeding, interfere with bonding, and put unnecessary stress on the baby. Having parents nearby might mean that the shoot will have a lot of feeding or cuddling breaks, but these breaks will keep the baby safe, happy, and comfortable, which makes them even better subjects during the photoshoot.

Always double-check.

During the photoshoot, ensure that you are constantly checking on the baby’s safety and comfort. Make sure any prop you plan on laying the newborn in, like baskets or buckets are sturdy and won’t topple over. Check that there are no small threads from props such as fuzzy blankets wrapped around the baby’s little toes and fingers. Before you step away to shoot, see if the baby is comfortable in the poses and that their circulation isn’t being cut off. Lastly, look over the baby once the session is over for any signs of distress or discomfort that you might have missed during shooting, so you can treat any problems before it gets worse.

A newborn photography session is the best way to memorialize this special moment in time, but beautiful photos should never compromise the safety of the newborn. If you are looking for a trained and reliable newborn photographer, book a newborn photography session with Chapter One Photography. At our studio, your newborn’s safety is our biggest priority.