Sher / 9 month sitter session

Ah gorgeous Sheragim has been back to visit me 8 months since his newborn session. What a clever little thing he has become having mastered the perfect sit for his sitter session.

This boy is so happy and expressive I just love looking through his gallery.

Honestly I know everyone says it but these early days just fly by so quickly and for many sleep deprived and harried mums and dads these precious moments are hard to remember. I am so happy that this family choose the Chapter One Photography Baby Plan to capture 3 sessions with Sher in his first year.

Mum also wrote me a lovely review which I thoroughly appreciate as it helps other parents book with confidence – you can read her own words about the session here.

Book your baby Plan in with your newborn session - provides you with 3 sessions over the course of the year.

Baby plan Newborn and 9 months

Baby Photography 9 months in crate

9 month boy baby photography