Sisters in the froggy pose

Many of Chapter One Photography's clients are return visitors to the studio. This family came back for their younger daughter's newborn shoot three years after their first daughter's newborn session.

The family were keen to replicate a few images from their first shoot including the very tricky "froggy pose". Now this particular pose isn't for every baby, it requires a very sleepy, settled and relaxed baby and can usually only be done in the first week while they are still really flexible.

This is also a pose that requires a second pair of hands so that the baby's delicate neck is fully supported the whole time.

Older daughter Sienna is on the top, younger daughter, Aliya is at the bottom.

How great would this look on the family's wall? I would add their names, remove "sisters" and the logo of course!

Please do not try this pose on your own as it is not safe for baby unless down as a composite as has been done here.

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