Older Babies and Sitter Photography Sessions 

We love to photograph older babies as well as newborns.  Sometimes the first few weeks are just so busy that you don't get around to organising photos. 

For 12 weeks to 6 months we can capture your gorgeous baby laying on their back or tummy or propped up in our baskets and props.  We suggest baby be awake for these shoots.


For older than 6 months we do a "Sitter" session when baby is able to sit up by themselves (usually between 6-8 months).  This allows us to get a variety of comfy positions for baby to be positioned including sitting, laying and tummy time.  Besides at this age baby is just gorgeous with aa big gummy smile and wide bright eyes.  They are interactive and can smile, laugh and look adoringly at his/her parents.


Many of our clients choose the 1st Year Combo Milestones Package and so we are always delighted to see our babies return and welcome new babies as well - especially those who never got around to having newborn photographs taken.

Check out our gallery of beautiful older babies and contact us for more information or to book a session.

Pricing can be found here.